How to create Scandi-chic in your home: Grey September

Meet Sara Griffiths the woman behind online shop Grey September: a beautifully curated collection of Scandi-style items to decorate your home. A self-confessed interiors obsessive – Sara was able to realise her dream after a successful career in television. Starting a family meant she needed a better work/life balance, but with support and a genuine passion for the concept, Grey September was launched. Her story proves you’re not fixed in life to one career path and it’s never too late to embrace the digital world.


If you love the cool, simple lines of Scandinavian chic then read on to discover Sara’s favourite items which can recreate this look in your home. In fact, she’s kindly offering our readers 10% off all items for one week: use promotional code SOCIALBUTTERFLIES10.

Tell us about yourself

My career started as a production secretary in a TV production company and later progressed to working as a production manager, which often took me abroad to many varied and beautiful locations. When I had my children ten years later, I decided I needed to work closer to home and side-stepped to working freelance within various Script departments at the BBC. This gave me the flexibility of juggling the work/life balance I needed. While I have loved working in the TV industry for the past 20 years I have always had a life-long dream of owning my own interiors shop! With a lifetime (obsession) passion for all things design, interiors and shopping, I realised that with a little help I could finally put the dream into reality by starting my own online homewares and interiors business. My family has been instrumental in helping start the business. My husband is a designer and was therefore able to help me with the branding and the more technical side of building the website! My daughters often play their part by advising me on my Instagram feed and whether my feed is following the correct ‘colour scheme’!!! I’m constantly grateful to them for putting up with all the cardboard boxes of stock in our house!

How has social media has changed the way you work?

Social media and Instagram in particular has been a crucial part in developing the business since it started back in June. Instagram is a bit of a virtual ‘shop window’ for the business where I’m able to showcase new products on a daily basis which is invaluable to such a new business like mine. Instagram has also been a brilliant place for discovering new brands for the business (often from around the world) that I may not have necessarily found otherwise. Working from home can sometimes feel a little isolated, but Instagram is a fantastic place to connect and chat to customers, suppliers, bloggers and for making genuine Instagram friends! It always amazes me (without sounding too gushing) how incredibly encouraging and supportive the Instagram ‘family’ community is. (Click here to see who Sara follows online.)


I’m always drawn to the Scandinavian styled interior images on Pinterest and Instagram and it’s heavily influenced in my own home (although not always the ‘minimalism’ bit!). I don’t buy anything for the store that I wouldn’t buy for myself or my home. Like the Scandinavians, I love all things black and white, and grey also features heavily of course! The Scandinavian homes always seem to possess such a gorgeous pared-back style, simplicity and beauty. The style is often centered around functionality, craftsmanship and elegance.

Cooee Design from Sweden epitomises this style to me with their beautiful and elegant ball vases.












Scandinavian interior design often alludes to landscapes and I love the simplicity of this ‘Lonely House’ monochrome print by Coco Lapine Design.

A picture of a lonely house on a grass hill, photographed in Iceland by the Berlin based Coco Lapine Design.











The Scandinavians are fantastic at adding texture, warmth and materials to their homes by accessorising with simple blankets.











Adding simple monochrome cushions is an effective way to update a sofa or an armchair.

monochrome cushion











Use garlands to add interest to a room or for special occasions.

flags scandi











Choose a rug with a striking pattern to create a strong visual focus in a room.

scandal rug












Sara is following…

12728473_1063136293738441_1509759819_aI love to follow Denise from @aboutthishaus who was co-incidentally my first ever Grey September customer back in June 2016! I just love looking at her beautiful pictures of her dreamy Scandinavian-style home. D has been a huge support and is a great advocate of many brands and small businesses across Instagram.



I also love to follow @wunderblumen on Instagram purely for the most amazing style and photos of her home and family always including elements of nature and flowers.



sara tasker me and orlaI adore the lifestyle blog of Sara Tasker (@me_and_orla). I adore her beautifully shot photos and often try to catch up with her useful podcasts and blogs online.



Sara’s work…

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