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Jemma Thomas is a personal trainer and the woman behind Mummas Health Hub and its humorous fitness flash cards ‘Pack of Hacks‘. Like so many women these days Jemma has changed careers since becoming a mother and is now pursuing her passion for keeping fit. With plans to expand her business activities she continues her mission to get mums moving. We asked Jemma if she would share her story and some of her motivational and exercise tips with our readers.Jemma, founder of Mumma's Health Hub

Tell us about yourself

I’m Jemma Thomas, a mum of two boys aged one and five. I am a Personal Trainer who moved from a background in marketing to pursue a career in the fitness field. I retrained after the birth of my first son when I found that exercise not only helped me physically, but mentally as well. I am now in the process of expanding Mummas Health Hub into different areas with the sole purpose of motivating and helping mums with health and wellness. I created a product last year called Pack of Hacks for mums to use to workout at home and fit short bursts of exercise into their day.

How has digital technology and social media changed the way you work?

I set up Mummas Health Hub on Instagram initially to talk to mums and offer tips and advice. It’s grown from there really, I love the community, I have met women that are so important to me now and are doing their own amazing things, it’s lovely to be a part of it.

What are your top exercise tips for busy working mums?

  1. I think it’s about seeing movement as part of your normal day. Don’t think it has to take 30 minutes or an hour. Even 10-15 minutes’ hard work is really beneficial. Short exercises and sequences help mums fit little workout bursts into their day.
  1. Try to get out of bed and immediately do 5 minutes in your bedroom. Set the timer on your phone and do 45 seconds of each of the below and the rest for 15 seconds:
    – Star jumps
    – Squats
    – Kneeling push-ups
    – Side plank on each side
  1. You’ll feel so much more awake. When I do a tiny bit in the bedroom I feel livelier straight away. If you’re having a really busy day, just try to fit in another 5/10 minutes when the kids are down.
  1. I’m always stretching and being mobile. I love doing large arm circles to get the blood pumping to my shoulders, you can nip to the loo at work to do this one! I’m all about fitting in movement when you can. The more oxygen you can get to your joints the better, especially when carrying those heavy bubs about.
  1. Try to change the mindset to ‘little and often’. There are tons of studies to reinforce the idea that working out hard for a few minutes can be more beneficial than longer moderate workout

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Jemma’s work…


Jemma is kindly offering readers a 10% discount off Pack of Hacks until midnight on 20/03/17 if you enter code: ‘butterflies’.

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