Blogtacular 2017: My Top 10 Takeaways

I attended Blogtacular last weekend (a blogging and online conference in London). Rather than write a blog post detailing my thoughts on the event I thought it would be fun (and a good way to test out new skills) to try my hand at recording a Podcast. I used the Opinion App on my phone, so bear with the quality. I think it sounds OK and it goes to show what you can do with mobile technology these days (record, edit, overlay music and share).

7 thoughts on “Blogtacular 2017: My Top 10 Takeaways

  1. Just listened to this and, as I didn’t go to Blogtacular, it’s a brilliant round-up of important points (especially the less palatable ones, which are so important to remember). And great podcast too.

  2. Brilliant!! So impressed you took your own advice and took action. This an incredible start – more please!

    1. Thanks Penny! Really appreciate your comments, particularly after our conversation. I actually quite enjoyed doing it, but if I do any more I’d consider using a desktop editing programme as it’s quite fiddly on your phone. Watch this space x

  3. Fab! You have a clear easy to listen to voice and I have learnt so much in those few minutes 🙌🙌…loving the podcast idea.

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